Why KSA for Investment

A Look on the Kingdom

You should prefer Saudi Arabia for various reasons:

Saudi Arabia is one of the most populous and wealthiest nations in the Middle East. It is located at the confluence of Europe, Asia, and Africa and the Kingdom also acts as a connecting natural bridge for people and goods around the world along with crucial logistics hub available for both global trade routes and for business expansions.

The Kingdom’s economy has a track record of an annual average growth rate of 4% over the past seven years, supported by a pro-business environment that quickly moves the investors to the heart of the Arabic market.

The Saudi Government is fully committed to making a more convenient business environment and ease of creating investment opportunities with minimum legal formalities.

The continuous tremendous efforts and reforms in advancing the business ecosystem for new local and foreign investors are already made in the Kingdom. The Saudi Government is also taking new measures aimed at further cutting barriers in the way of investment and opening more business opportunities and locations for making the Kingdom the new hub global investors.

The Business Opportunities Based on the Kingdom’s Number:

  • Total population—33.4 million
  • Youth under 25 years approx.— 50%
  • Population Growth Rate (next 5 years)— 1.6%
  • Saudi labor force—6.08 Million
  • Nominal GDP—$ 782 Billion
  • GDP Per Capita—$ 23,570
  • FDI inward stock—$230.8 Billion

Kingdom’s diversification and reform journey for investment:

It has launched Vision 2030 based on enhancing the business environment and economic performance by leveraging private investments. The implementation of the Kingdom’s project is detailed by 12 Vision Realization Programs for the all-round development of the country.

The positive fundamentals of the Saudi economy along with new strategy and development plans have set an unprecedented opportunity for the investors to grow their assets and succeed worldwide.

Saudi Arabia’s multiple growing sectors, such as entertainment, information technology, real estate, education, health care, finance, services, etc. will open new challenges, promising high returns for all investors.


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