Investment in Saudi Arabia


  • Saudi Government is ensuring equality between Saudi and non-Saudi investors, and among non-Saudi investors.
  • Ensuring protection of all investments along with investors’ other movable or immovable property, as required by regulations in the Kingdom.
  • Enhancing the progress and enriching the sustainability of investments, and taking clear and transparent procedures to deal with investor complaints.
  • Preparing a list of investment incentives based on general, clear and non-discriminatory criteria, and
  • Providing investment incentives to investors when needed and promoting full transparency in granting them.
  • Maintaining environmental and social norms and standards to ensure that Saudi and non-Saudi investors adhere to the environmental health and safety rules, in accordance with the requirements laid down in national laws, regulations, policies and international agreements to which the Kingdom has acceded..
  • Facilitating procedures related to the entry of technical and administrative employees, i.e. non-Saudis and their families for the purpose of participating in activities related to foreign investment in accordance with the Kingdom's regulations and its international obligations.
  • Transferring and localization of science and technology resulting from foreign direct investment in accordance with the Kingdom's international obligation
  • Participating with the private sector in economic policies for the benefit of economy and business
  • Striving for everyone to invest in the Kingdom with ease and ease. So, the Saudi Government launched reforms that make regulations and laws more transparent, for examples
    1). Publishing all economic regulations and legislations electronically on a unified website
    2). Involving the private sector in drafting business-related regulations and legislation
    3). Translating engineering, operation and maintenance contracts into English and French
Making your business easier, the Government now issue business visas more quickly than you expect to reach your destination as quickly as possible. Issuing a general manager visa immediately before issuing the commercial registry.

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We at ECGC assume the role of mediator between the local and foreign investors through SAGIA/MCI and the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
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The complete solution to requirements and procedures for services provided in SAGIA/MCI and other Saudi Government entities to raise the efficiency in the
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