Our Objectives

To provide consultation services of high standards and efficient in terms of time effort and immediate response to our clients and serving their best interest with credibility,To provides investors with investment opportunities, products, advice, and/or procedure & planning of investment.

To do research and development work on formulating investment strategies for clients, helping them fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals. To monitor actively the client's investments and working with them as their financial objectives change over time.

To become the most trustful, transparent, truthful and known investment consultant among business investors in Saudi Arabia in particular and in the Middle East in general.

Our Support to Investment

support & services
We at ECGC assume the role of mediator between the local and foreign investors through SAGIA/MCI and the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
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Complete Solutions

complete solutions
The complete solution to requirements and procedures for services provided in SAGIA/MCI and other Saudi Government entities to raise the efficiency in the
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ECGC is interested to lead your investment and business entity to the heights of global fame and success on the holy land of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Our Clients